Thursday 10 February 2022

Favourite Cream Blushers

 I love a cream blusher though I do tend to set them with a powder on top. I'm a face toucher and spend my time walking dogs and marshalling children so I want to give it maximum time on my face. However I love the look of a cream blush and use it most days and these are the ones I use again and again. In no particular order... 


1. Refy Cream Blush in Rose
It's not exciting but I really love the colour and the way it just works. A lovely natural no-shimmer finish, I think this is the one I'd recommend for the cream blush novice or someone who likes a minimum makeup look. It comes in 3 colours - I have rose which is much lighter than I would count a traditional rose colour. Vegan and cruelty-free


2. Drunk Elephant O Bloos 
I love this one - if I had to pick a favourite this may well be it. It has shimmer and at first I thought this colour wouldn't work but I really love it. This is also filled skin boosting ingredients and has a more liquid consistency than the Refy or the Kjaer Weiss 


3. Kjaer Weiss Cream Blush
The most sustainable one this has a traditional cream texture with a  a dewy rather than shimmery finish. You get a good choice of colours - I love Sun Touched. Out of all the cream blushers mentioned this is the one that would suit the most skin tones that has the traditional cream finish. You can get a compact and then the refill


4. Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush 
Great if you want to get different colours of find that the traditional colours don't work for you. They also offer a sample service so you can get a couple of colours and see which you prefer. Rose Glow (shimmer) and Chelsea are my favourite and they also offer bronzers and highlighters. I think this is the trickiest to use out of all of them

Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush in Rose Glow

5. Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush

I use 02 for this and I'd say it's a pretty solid cream dupe for NARS Orgasm. This is the least long wearing of the 5 but it's also the cheapest and when it comes to makeup quite often you either pay with pigment or longevity and here it's the longevity that takes the hit. This also may not be pigmented enough for darker skin tones - I'm using 02 which I wouldn't use on darker skin tones anyway hot pink and rose mauve may be better choices. I think this is going to be discontinued so if you want it, go and get it

Kiko velvet touch cream blush in 02

If I were forced to only choose one I think it would be the Drunk Elephant purely because the shade seems to give me joy whenever I use it. I have used Daniel Sandler watercolours for years and love them and for choice of colour these just can't be beaten. 
Cream blush swatches. From left to right; kiko, Refy, Kjaer Weiss, Daniel Sandler, Drunk Elephant
L-R - Kiko 02, Refy Rose, Kjaer Weis Suntouched, Daniel Sandler Rose Glow, Drunk Elephant
Picture 1 unblended swatch, picture 2 blended swatch


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