Sunday 13 December 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Stationery

Would it be complete with out a stationery option? Stationery is a great gift, it doesn't involve commitment, and is always useful. 

  • Marbled-note-pad
    Atticus, Beetle & Bop - my own stationery shop, so I'm just getting going but I have some great stocking fillers ready to go. 
  • Penfax and co - there's loads to choose from here and it's a great place to go for fountain pens. They also do these fantastic poker dice for the poker player in your life
  • Craft scissors - these have been on my Christmas list for ages, yes you could do all your Christmas shopping on Blue Bowl but for stationery lovers, journallers and planner addicts these scissors are The One. 
  • Portfolio - a forest green one of these will be a treat to myself when I hit a goal. I'm not sure what that goal is yet but one of these will be mine. 
  • Cable tidy - I love the beetle one of these - great for those of use who are forever losing chargers and headphones. 
  • Blue Bowl Notebooks - my favourite notebooks. Plain paper, beautiful design and my two favourite sizes.
  • Paperweights - these are stunning and I spend a lot of time deciding which I want. I think Carnival Zebra is the winner but there is something for everyone and with lots of people now working in home offices this is a lovely cheering addition to any desk. 


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