Monday 7 December 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Jewellery and Accessories

I think this year especially it's love to send something thoughtful in the post but it can be tricky choosing clothes for people. Jewellery and accessories can be a great option and the majority of people listed below I have bought from and offer fantastic customer services to help you track down the perfect gift. 

Blue Bowl Silk Clutch - these are beautiful, bright and unusual. I can't decide between yellow or turquoise and red. 

Marloe - I really love these zip bags. Good for keeping all your stuff in, for me pens, notebooks and glasses in a dark blue with pink writing. For kids to keep their lego or homework bits in. Makes a great present for a godchild or niece/nephew

Black and Beech knits - i particularly like the forest green and french rose scarf it's spectacular 

Hexagon earrings I have and love these. Light and easy to wear they are enough dangle to be fun but not annoying and they go with everything. 

Chambers & Beau - I love this jewellry and have been eyeing up the glasses chain for ages 

Sharkie & Bear - beautiful, fun earrings made in the UK from cork. Lightweight and easy to wear these make great stocking fillers too. 

House of Evergreen - I'm always wearing something from Katie and these are chunky and usual. The canvas bag strap is also fantastic and easy to send in the post. 

Sofianni - stunning unique jewellery designed and made by Maria. She does beautiful commissions and I have my eye on her beautiful hoops with dangling discs. 

Yala Jewellery - beautifully designed African jewellery. Ethical and eco-friendly - I really love these bangles. 



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