Saturday 30 November 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas

The first place to go and look is Choose Love. Help refugees, those who have left their homes and countries and everything they had. We have so much.

✨ 33 Walks You Shouldn't Miss in London - great for those of us that live in London and don't take advantage of it or anyone about to visit and needing direction.
✨ The Organised Mum Method - I'm biased because I worked on this book but this gives you back control of your house, the cleaning and gives you back time to do stuff you'd rather be doing and housework-free weekends!

Kimono Dressing Gown - if I didn't have children I would get myself this. Warm and soft and the most beautiful colour.
✨ Leopard Scarf - really fun, a lovely present for a friend, goes with everything whilst adding a hit of colour.
✨ Turtle Doves - I just love their fingerless gloves and have bought them for a couple of people including my teamie Marie who plays the violin in church and who's little hands freeze. They recycle cashmere and wool to make their products which is how I found them in the first place.

Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves

✨ Stripey Slipper Socks - warm and comfy with spots on the bottom to stop you slipping.

✨ Chocolate Bomb - 9back in stock on 2nd December) drop into a glass of hot milk and it makes you a delicious marshmallowy hot chocolate. Who doesn't want that in their stocking?

✨ Animal Plant Pot - kitsch and fun available as a panther (a bit more low-key) and cheetah.
✨ Basket - i love these baskets. I have one for my hair stuff, one for my handbag bits and bobs when they are not in use, and one for my sewing. I want one for the back of the car for when I go shopping. You can add a tassel.
✨ Craft Scissors - super sharp and super chic.

Bluebowl craft scissors

✨ Elizabeth Scarlett Pouches - I love these. I have the Toucan travel pouch already and now have my heart set on the Khaki Leopard or palm tree pouch. They also have new constellation designs for the star sign lover in your life.
✨ Flower tea light holder - really pretty and fun, there are white ones too but I love this greeny-blue (technical term)

Flower Tea Light Holder

✨ Foil Prints - they made me the most incredible lightning bolt shape of my favourite song lyrics which I have in my office. Such a wonderful gift for a friend with a their favourite quote or song.
✨ Hanging Planters - I'm a bit of a sucker for a hanging planter despite my track record of killing the plants I put in them. For those who are more able than me then I love these glass ones, for us plant killers the vintage silver is better for hiding the lack of green fingers.
✨ Gin Glasses - a lovely vintage shape and made from recycled glass these don't just have to be for gin, those of us non-boozers appreciate something to make fizzy elderflower a little more exciting.
✨ Made by Coopers - I love their sleep spray and on my wish list is their new Sleepy Head bath salts available in two sizes so you can have them as a stocking filler or as a bigger house gift.
✨ Measuring spoons - really nice to look at and useful which are two of my criteria for homeware.
✨ Mesh Stars - i'm a sucker for a star and this would look lovely on a book shelf, mantlepiece or in your childs room.
✨ Quilts - I recommended these last year and I still love them 12 months later. My bed is my favourite place to be and these are just luxurious, soft and snuggly.


✨ Skandinavisk - one of the few brands of candles I buy for myself. My favourite is Skog.
✨ Star Pots - I have old jars from Ikea for my cotton wool pads, I wish I had these.
✨ St Eval Candles - I'm very fussy about candles, there are only a few I like and the St Eval one's really do smell great and are a great price. My favourite is their Sea Salt fragrance.
✨ Wooden Candle Stick - a few of these on your mantle piece or one in the middle of your table looks incredibly chic and less or a dust collector than a hurricane lamp if you don't use it all the time.

✨ Chambers & Beau - I love Amy's designs and have earrings and bracelets from her. Really love her new initial necklaces and you can ask her to create something just for you.
✨ Dinosaur Charm Hoops - really fun sterling silver with gold plate lightweigh charm earring with three dinosaurs to choose from.
✨ Gold Bangle - beautiful and simple gold faceted bangle.
✨ Gold Discs - these are beautiful hammered gold discs and are something a bit different to the larger single ones you often see.
✨ Gold Sunbeam Hoops - inexpensive and fun 18 ct gold plate.
✨ Honeycomb Box - not just for jewellry these are really useful and beautiful.
✨ House of Evergreen - so new the website's not even up, I wear something from here everyday and always get asked where it's from. Gorgeous brass jewellry, pendants, rings and necklaces from India, all beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped and scented. When I don't have my flower of life ring on I feel naked.
✨ Kaba Gold Necklace - hammered discs to match the earrings this would go with anything.
✨ Sea Horse Broach - handcrafted with intricate bead design this is really colourful and fun.

✨ Blue Bowl Notebooks - I love these, I have both sizes and you can choose from the squiggle design or the new dragonflies.
✨ Elephant Phone Stand - I love it when practical boring things are made to look nice and this is sweet.

Elephant Phone Stand

✨ Fraser & Parsley - they made my address stamp for me and I love their shop. I have a filofax that I use for everything but if I didn't I would be getting one of their beautiful planners. I really want their Planner Accessory bundle and would love their personalised notecards.

Alphabet Tree Decoration - some colour are better than others but these are really sweet additions to the room or the tree.
✨ Bamboo Q-Tips - yay for non-plastic cotton buds!
✨ Beeswax Wraps - stocking fillers, or house gifts, present for the mother-in-law an something to have in your present drawer for emergencies. I love this and I love this company.
✨ Candle in a Tin - reasonably priced and these actually smell! My favourites are Lavender, Sandlewood and Bergamot and Sea Salt.
✨ Go Green - the 30 Day challenge to help you make changes for life.
✨ Leather Cable Tidy - no more headphones in a knot and the first five mins of your journey spent untangling them. I'm a sucker for anything with insects on.

✨ Pollinator Bee Bomb - throw this on a patch of bare soil to see some bee-friendly flowers appear.
✨ Pom Pom Key Ring - I love these useful and nice to look at, surely thats the ultimate stocking-filler criteria. Also available in magenta and neon pink.


✨ Blue Bowl - gifts for everyone and you can get it wrapped. Vintage, unusual and carefully curated presents.
✨ Clem & Co - lovely decorations, chic interior and homewares and lovely unusual children's gifts.
Graham & Green - just a lovely place to shop, their lighting is my favourite.

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