Saturday 30 November 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas - Children

🌈 Vehicles Transfer picture - great for the 4+ vehicle lovers out there.
🌈 World Map - for those who love to find out about the world this is a huge map with 3D figures to play with.

🌈  Monkey Music - this was local to us and when Jack was a baby, because he was the third and our house is heaving with stuff I got him a term of music classes for Christmas and he loved it.
🌈 Organic Cellular Blanket - I love the colours of this and they are just lovely for newborns to wrap them up in. Tempted to get one for my three as they love wrapping themselves up in a blanket.
🌈  Playmat - I got this for Jack when if first came out. It was lovely and soft and packed away into a bag really easily. Great for taking with you if you go to someones house or in my case, having a square of dog hair-free floor for him to lie on.

🌈 Activity Bucket List - I love this as a sort of gift that keeps on giving. Trying to eliminate plastic and tat from Christmas and when they tell you they're bored you know where to point them.
🌈 Dinosaur Oragmai Lights - powered by batteries or usb these are small and sweet. You can get bigger ones.

🌈 101 Things for Kids to do - Ned (7) loves these so much we've got all three. Great for giving them some ideas and independence when choosing what to do and for giving you inspiration. There's 3 in the series; 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, 101 Things for Kids to do on a Rainy Day101 Brilliant Things for Kids to Do with Science.
🌈 Detective Dog Nell - one of our favourites and one that seems to suit all of mine (aged 2-7)
🌈 National Geographic Kids Subscription - might just get this for my three even though I think they may be a bit young for it still. They love receiving post and finding out about things.

🌈 Bear & Babe - get your orders in quick because I know they are so busy but these rompers are still my favourite thing to dress Jack in and if I did have another baby it would be in these from birth. Beautiful designs, warm but so easy for them to move in. They wash well and look so cute. The boys all have their shorts for the summer and Jack is rocking a pair of the leggings as I type (in the pictures).
🌈 Denim Jacket & patches - getting a cool personalised denim jacket doesn't have to break the bank. Get a denim jacket in the size up from the charity shop or eBay and get some of these cute patches.
🌈 Eddie & Bee - another lovely clothes company. I've got Jack one of these gilets as a present from the dogs. Hoping it will keep him warm when he's refusing clothes.
🌈 Hoodies - I love these personalised hoodies. Tempted to get a J for Jim because then Jack will be able to have it after him.
🌈 Twirly Skirt - oh to have girls.

🌈 Magnetic Vet Play - they do others but this looked the most appealing to me!
🌈 Ocean Bingo - really fun for everyone to play. We have the bird version and we love it.
🌈 Story Cube - these are great for any child from Reception and up. Throw the dice and makeup a story. It's great for getting their imagination going and to get them chatting after school.
🌈 You Calling Me a Cheetah? - a game to test you animal knowledge, 25 almost matching pairs, beautifully illustrated and with a booklet describing the differences.

🌈 Petra Boase - these are really lovely and would make a sweet present for your own children or godchildren. They'd also be a good option for posting overseas (you can always send them a frame via amazon if they have it where they live).

🌈 Dinosaur Egg cups - bright and fun and I love the colours.
🌈 Magical Fairy Tin - everything you need to have fairy fun, all in a little tin.
🌈 Personalised Colouring Pencils - because kids seem to love things with their name on.
🌈  Pollinator Bee Bomb - throw this on a patch of bare soil to see some bee-friendly flowers appear.
🌈 Socks - if your kids, like mine, get through socks like the most of us get through hot dinners.  Dinosaurs, horses, or strawberries. These socks in a box are lovely and would be a hit with my cow loving Jim.
🌈 Tablewear - if you have a baby and you're doing a stocking for them you really can't go wrong with some good tablewear, the rice mugs and spoons are the best I've come across.
🌈 Train Set in a Tin - great for your handbag or taking on a long journey.

🌈 Animal necklaces - these are lovely but inexpensive. You can get a giraffe, llama, hummingbird or elephant.
🌈 LimeLife LittleLife Collection - the most beautiful pom pom bag, mini blusher, lip balm and blush brush. No nasties and cruelty-free. (picture below)
🌈 Perpetual Motion Marble Run - made from laser-cut plywood one of those presents that I'd get for my eldest but really with my husband in mind.
🌈 Trinket dish - lovely to keep jewellery on. You can get elephant, leopard, fox and lots of other animals.

🌈 Birdkids - based in Cornwall this has a lovely range of brands, toys and clothes for children.
🌈 Blue Bowl - gifts for everyone but I love the unusual kids stuff here
🌈 Clem & Co - some lovely wooden and ethical toys and decorations.
🌈 Lisa Angel - some great, reasonably-priced jewellry and trinkets - a great place to look for pre-teen girls.

🌈  Jaques London - they have a lovely selection of wooden toys. As soon as Jack is a little less likely to destroy everything I'll be getting one of their solitaire sets.
🌈 Our World Floor Puzzle - recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable ink this is really beautiful puzzle with 24 pieces and lots of bright colours and animals.
🌈 Plant & Pick Veggie Patch - this looks really great. Encourages healthy eating and maybe general outdoorsyness.
🌈 Save Our Oceans Craft Kit -  you can also get the Save Our Animals Craft Kit, a craft kit for all ages and a conversation starter.
Save Our Oceans Craft Kit

🌈 Tool Kit - for the child that's always in the tool box this is a beautiful wooden version for ages 8+
🌈 Train Set - this is lovely and all you need in one set.



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