Wednesday 17 October 2018

Tips for Hooded Lids

Some of us are born with them some have hooded lids thrust upon them with age - you are not alone, we are many. My lids are dropping as I get old, not even at the same rate, which is rude, and it's changing the way I put my make-up on. But I'm lucky, as a pro make-up artist I've dealt with a lot of hooded lids but I know that for many it can be really depressing and difficult. But fear not, there are loads of stunning celebrities in the hooded eye gang (Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani) and I"m here to help with my tips for hooded lids.
Tricks for hooded lids

1. Keep Your Eyes Open
Where possible keep your eyes open and look into a mirror straight ahead to apply your make-up. This is going to make it easier to put make-up on involving the hooded part rather than spending ages with your head tilted back only for the hood to engulf all your hard work.

2. Go Beyond the Crease
If you have a very hooded lid chances are the crease has disappeared and any powder put on the movable part of the lid becomes invisible. Fear not, go above the crease with your shadow, up towards the outer part of the brow bone keeping towards the outer corner of the eye, not too far up and well blended. If you are worried about having too much space on the hood (i.e too much skin visible between the brow and where the hood ends) then use matte shades rather than a shimmer. Work on the hood almost like it's your eyelid.

3. Keep it simple
Using paper to place shadow on a hooded lidIf you really struggle with eyeshadow placement then stick to a thin liner of eyeliner right on the root of the lashes, a good lot of mascara and an immaculately groomed brown and this will open the eye up and look classic. The LimeLife Perfect Liner and Perfect Mascara are perfect for this - an ultra-fine liner to get right into the lashes that won't transfer and a fibre mascara to give extra oomph.

4. Prevent Liner Transfer
Use waterproof products and a primer on the lid before shadows (NYX HD Eye Shadow Base or Urban Decay Primer Potion are my favourites) and blend the primer to the brow bone. Apply powder to where you usually get transfer and let your liner have time to set before you open your eyes fully - annoying I know but this will make a big difference.

5. Use Paper to Help Keep the Shape
Quite often a hooded lid can drag the eye down at the outside corner and shadow wrongly applied can accentuate this look making you look older and/or sad. If you place paper (loo or kitchen roll will do) at an angle against your eye following the line up from your lower lashes, this will prevent shadow from going where it shouldn't.

6. As far as I'm concerned this liner video from Sam Chapman is the one for liner application - if I were to explain it I would do so badly and frankly, to repeat the video myself would be pointless because this one exists. Watch Sam's Video here 

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