Wednesday 10 October 2018


God lash serums can be expensive. I tried a cheaper version by Marvala and it did nothing except make my lashes nice for mascara application the next day. I've dithered over whether to buy Revitalash or LiLash for years just not quite being OK with the outlay but then I found some Revitalash for £40 on Approved Foods (I have no idea what it was doing on there) and thought it was a sign that I should take the plunge.
Revitalash Lash Conditioner

I bought it at the beginning of July and used it sporadically for the first four weeks. I was so disappointed that I didn't look like Bambi. Then I realised it was me being lazy that was the problem so i started to use it properly, every night and in the last couple of weeks I've really seen a difference. It bloody works!

I have proper lashes, they are all a nice length, have kept a good shape and where I have a patch where one does grow right is now filled in. I was concerned that my green eyes would change colour as some people have had that problem but so far it's been fine.

It's really easy to use, just brush it onto the root of the lashes at night, one stripe will do and let it do it's thing overnight.  If you've been thinking about getting eye lash extensions I would seriously consider trying this first. I've had a lot of clients come to me who have found that extensions make their real lashes fall out or have been really awful to remove if they haven't been right. These are your lashes but thicker and fuller. Also for those who have been having chemotherapy this may well be worth trying once you have finished your treatment, they also do a brow serum.

They are doing a deal on the website at the moment where the small tube (4-6 weeks supply) is £39 instead of £52 so if you've been thinking of trying it - now is the time. 

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