Wednesday 2 May 2018

Soap & Glory Brow Archery Sculpting Pencil & Gel

Sometime it's like your children hate you. I have particularly, smug-makingly well-behaved children. They are pretty good sleepers. They are funny, polite and not bottom of the class. You see, smug. But sometimes they will do something that convinces me that they have been sent to derail my existence, and that they good behaviour is just to ensure that I not only make plans for them to destroy but will have no idea what to do with them as they set fire to the restaurant we are in.

Soap & Glory Brow Archery Sculpting Pencil & Gel

So it was when I met the lovely PR team who not only represent Soap & Glory but, among others, Hourglass, makers of my beloved Ambient Lighting Powder. Ned must have been about 3 and Jim 9 months. Both well behaved and happy to watch the iPad, eat croissants and hang out. Having laid this stealthy groundwork they came with me to meet the lovely PR's in High Road House somewhere not hugely ok with kids. I batted not an eye lid at the thought of this. My children would be like adorable little bunnies.

If bunnies had been injected with speed beforehand. They did not want the ipad, they finished the croissants within seconds, strewing the floor with crumbs, Jim, a well-known buggy lover took against the pram and viewed it as a form of torture. Conversation was difficult, the youthful ladies looked alarmed, their ovaries froze over and I returned home firmly back in my parenting box. I was however clutching a bag of goodies (I think one of the last I received) thrown at me in desperation as we parted and in it were some genuinely good (and great and mediocre) products including this little gem from Soap & Glory.

Now, if you've been reading a while you will know I'm a lazy, lazy person when it comes to my browns. And if I'm not being lazy then I am pretty much either using Hourglass Brow Arch or Maybelline Brow Drama and this product is a bit like if those had a baby. It has the lovely angled crayon on one end and a tinted setting gel on the other. I take this with me when I travel. All brow necessities covered. Perfect! Well nearly.

The colour I have is Brown & Out which doesn't seem to be available any more but I'm guessing Brownie Points is the closest one though if I was buying one of the three available colours Love is Blonde is the one I'd go for - the blonde brow pencils are usually the ashiest which is what you want in a brow product. I love an angled crayon - easy to use and lasts a long time. I do really like the setting gel to though I, and some others in the reviews I've seen, find that it sets rather stiff and uncomfortable but I find I either just gently rub it through with your fingers or use a spoolie (Eco Tools do a fabulous one as does Louise Young) and literally one come and the feeling is gone but the gel still holds. Obviously if you do this too much you will comb the gel out. Which would be silly.

There are three colours available and to be honest they should work for pretty much everyone but  I have not swatched these so I can't say if they have red undertones or not. If you get near a brow product with red undertones put it down and step away. I really like the consistency of the crayon, the hold of the gel and the fact that it's not unreasonably expensive. Yes you can get fancy brow products with 8 different powders and waxes and a teeny tiny brush to apply them with but I want fast and easy and this is it.

What You Need to Know - Soap & Glory Brow Archery Sculpting Pencil & Gel

  • £10
  • Cruelty free - though cannot guaratee that all the ingredients used are cruelty free. Which is the same for a lot of companies. At the moment. 
  • Available in three colours
  • Other products from Soap & Glory: The Ultimelt Cleanser, Supercat Fat Eyeliner
  • Available from Boots

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