Wednesday 16 May 2018

emJ Company Make-up Brushes

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can never have too many make-up brushes. Sometimes I review a product on here and I think 'how many XX do you really need?' but if you use make-up brushes, new ones are always welcome (means you are cleaning less often) and I've been looking forward to these emJ ones for months. It was such a treat to receive some through the post pre-release and I'd like to say that I was sent this as I know the founder not necessarily to review.

I was a little bit anxious. I know how long these have been in the making. It's hard to be critical of something when you know the hard work behind the product but these brushes are absolutely fantastic. Big relief for me. Not ideal for you because you really should get some. I've used all three on myself and clients and they have gone straight onto my recommends list. Everyone I've used them on has asked me the make.
emJ company brushes

In terms of design I think emJ always have such a good eye. The matte finish handles and the white fibres not only look fantastic and modern but really stand out in my brush belt - I know exactly which brush I'm grabbing. The handles are made from hand-crafted wood dipped in matte paint and are really comfortable to hold. I have to add that as a fan of silver over gold it looks very cool to have the brand and brush name stamped in silver on the side. I should mention that the pink tape in the photos is added by me - that's the tape I use to identify my brushes when working on set.

What I find most impressive here is the fibres used. Fully vegan these fibres are so soft it is unbelievable. They have been designed to mimic animal hair which as we know is what is used in traditional brushes but these are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and designed to absorb minimal product meaning less waste for you. For those of you who don't know the problem with cruelty-free brushes has been that synthetic fibres have been a poor, scratchy imitation to real hair affecting the application of make-up and the feel of the brush on the skin. Synthetic fibres have been developing over the years and now there is really no need to use the real thing.

I often have people asking me to 'put more powder on' because they love the feel of a powder brush on their face but  felt like that when first testing out the Rose brush. Designed for application of blushers, bronzers, powders and highlighters this brush is the perfect shape and size - I love it. Beautiful diffused edges with the ability for specific application.

Archie is an angled brush, meant for brows but I can see me using this to do my signature smudgey liner look too. Just the right firmness and so nice to find an angled brush that doesn't have long hairs. These are the perfect length to get precision and good product application.

Annie is just gorgeous for blending and buffing around the eye. Fans of product in the crease will love this and again the size has been so well thought out that you can be precise but not so that everything takes ages. The soft fibres really come into their own here as they buff the edges of your eyeshadow out perfectly.

What's really incredible is that emJ are doing a pre-order sale on the full set for £100. 9 brushes for £100 is absolutely amazing value and these are more than worth it. The eye brush set would make a fantastic present. I cannot recommend these highly enough and it's wonderful when a brand is so transparent about how and where their products are made - one of the reasons I've been a fan of emJ for such a long time. Cruelty free, vegan, and made in the UK I cannot wait to try out the other brushes in the range and see what more may be added later.

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I was sent this product but the choice to feature it was my own and this is an honest review

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