Friday, 16 February 2018

Say Yes

I've been a bit absent on here and the blog and that's because I've been off saying yes to things. This is not about me, it's about you. I hope this helps if you've been doing some of the things I have.

It's really hard to get everything I want to say into a video and this was in fact the second time round of filming. This is and isn't about mental health - it's about changing the way you think. I realised that I was getting furious with my husband trying to get him to make changes to make my life better and though he's lovely, I can't live like that.

Some things I forgot to mention. I'm unfollowing people who don't make me feel good on social media. 'Big' people. I'm doing as much non-money good stuff as possible; art, volunteering, reading.



  1. Thank you so much for your honesty! I've been Following you for a long time now (Blog, Twitter and Instagram) and have followed (small f!) your advice on make-up many, MANY times, because I trust your opinion (and the scientific underpinning that informs it!)
    I actually logged in to remind myself what you'd said about ferulic acid products and just started watching the video as it came up first.
    Your insights here REALLY spoke to me. I, too, suffer from insomnia (sometimes lying awake until daylight) and have had a lifetime of 'saying No' due to social anxiety (and, oh yes, money!).
    I've resolved, listening to you talk, to start saying Yes more often, too (AND positive-messaging myself =D). When I begin to backslide (as inevitably I will!) I'll think of this video's encouragement and (to misquote Nancy) 'just say YES!'
    Thank you, Corinna

    1. Oh my goodness this has made my day, week and month. I so nearly didn't post this as i didn't want it to come across wrong but I then thought if if helps someone then it's worth doing. Please let me know how you get on - I figure saying no and all the rest isn't making it better so saying yes and being positive is worth a try xx


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