Tuesday 26 September 2017

September Beauty News

ASOS Face + Body rangeThe main news in our house is that Ned started school! So it's been a bit hectic here getting everyone settled into the new routine. It's quite nice to have some time with him between 3 and 6 when I pick up Jim and it does mean that I no longer have two full days with all three of them. But I also no longer have any full days to get work done!

New Releases

Three quite big deals this month

  • ASOS have launcehd their own beauty collection aimed at 'millenials' and all under £12 I have yet to try any of these but I quite like the names such as Overqualified and Uncompromising.  
  • Rihanna has launched her own beauty line Fenty Beauty which is available here in the UK from Harvey Nichols. I have heard great stuff about these products. 
  • Victoria Beckham has done another range with Estee Lauder and again everyone seems to be really loving it. Can't wait to get my hands on some though a lot of it is sold out already. 


    Sunday Riley C.E.O Brightening Cleanser
  • You may have seen the Munroe Bergdorf fiasco - fired by as the face of True Match by L'Oreal for allegedly making racist remarks on Facebook after the Charlottesville rally she has now teamed up with Illamasqua. L'Oreal have not come out of this looking good. 
  • Pai has started to offer a 3 month no questions asked returns policy. 
  • And of course we've just had London fashion week. I made it behind the scenes with Kryolan and saw some incredible make-up. My favourite being Yelena Konnova's make-up for the Irynvigre show. Great black liner with gold foil on the inner corner and glowing skin. 

What I've been Testing


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