Monday 31 July 2017

July 2017 News

You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet here for the past month and that's because Jack arrived on 2nd July. Not a girl as predicted and almost exactly on time. He's been a little distracting so things may be a bit erratic over here for the next couple of months but I will try my best. All things baby related will be over on where I am also wageing a war against plastic.

New Releases
  • Urban Decay Naked Heat - has finally been released and has sold out in quite a few places. I was lucky to be sent one which I am trying at the moment (it's on my lids as I type) so there will be a review of it up in the next couple of weeks. There's plenty around already but I'm going for everyday, wearable, quick and easy looks so I'll keep you posted 
News and Events
  • UK to ban microbeads (microplastics) by 2018 - this is great news as they are terrible for the environment and do nothing for your skin. If you use any kind of exfoliator check to see what it is that is exfoliating your skin. 
  • NARS to sell in China - this is last months news but there is now a petition with 65k signatures. I can't see what the point in this is really. I would love for them to change their minds but I don't see it happening.
  • Victoria Beckham will do a second collection with Estee Lauder which will be available in the Autumn. I may actually get round to trying this one! 
  • Glossier UK launch - this brand has a huge following and though it's aimed at millenials lots of those 25+ I know like the brand too so I can't wait to try some of their products. Is it worth the hype?
What I've Been Trying

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