Wednesday 21 June 2017

Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer

Urban Decay Subversion Lash PrimerFace and eye primers I can generally get on board with. Lash primers not so much. I understand them. I see a difference with them but they are just not something that would end up in my personal or pro-kit. Some love a lash primer, and to be fair I haven't tried that many and though Subversion by Urban Decay is the best I've tried I'm not in a rush to repurchase.

So Subversion claims to give 'thicker, longer, stronger' lashes but for me what I overwhelmingly found was that it made my mascara clumpy. I'm also usually in a rush and with whatever mascara I'm using it takes a while for me to make sure all the white is covered and the clumps combed out. Maybe I would love a black lash primer. But what I really think is, I don't need one. I'm happy to whack on a load of mascara but I still like a reasonably natural look - not like fat spiders legs - and therefore it's better for me to have an extra layer of mascara rather than a primer.

Urban Decay Subversion Primer close-upThat being said a lot of the people who love this primer, and there are a lot of them, wear waterproof mascara which is often very difficult to remove and therefore can damage lashes. If you are someone who always wears waterproof mascara I would recommend trying a primer - it can help keep the lashes strong and conditioned if you are having to be quite tough on them when removing your make-up at night. The Subversion primer not only helps ease the removal but conditions the lashes so you should see less damage. It will also help if you are someone who finds that mascara tends to smudge a bit.

If I'm going out, have time to take over my make-up and feel like playing about then I use it - it does emphasize the lashes well and adds some drama but then I'm just as likely to stick some false lashes on if I have the time.

It's easy to use and really doesn't add any extra time to your make-up routine if you are someone who really goes all out on the mascara anyway - you need to check it's fully covered and may need to comb through some clumps (if you are not a clump lover) but the results can be fantastic. If Urban Decay were to come out with a black version then I'd be really interested in trying it.

What You Need to Know - Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer
  • £16.50
  • 8.5ml
  • White primer
  • Can be used under any mascara
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Available from Feel Unique, Urban Decay

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