Monday 19 June 2017

Eco Tools

Eco Tools Brushes and SpongesUp until recently I had never tried an Eco Tools brush. I had heard they were good but as I had never managed to get my hands on one to feel the fibers I'd just glossed over them rather. And I have to admit that I did bad maths in my head - Eco+cheap= bad quality. But I went to their launch a couple of months ago (so good I vlogged about it) and not only got to touch the brushes but we got a fantastic goody bag with lots of bits to try and tons of info about the brand and now I'm a complete convert. Not only do they seem properly Eco rather than just saying they are there are little unnecessary extras that make this brand great.

2017 is their 10th Anniversary and they've changed things up a bit completely redesigning the brushes and making the packaging more responsible. The brush handles are made from sustainable bamboo and have been slightly changed to make them more comfortable to hold - I have to say the length and weight are very nice to work with. I have small hands so I often find brushes are too long. These are great and means they fit in most make-up bags. The packaging is made up of recycled, natural, sustainable materials - tree-free paper and rPET clamshell (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). You can tell the new brushes as they have gunmetal (or patterned in some cases) ferrules - the old design are a sort of bronze colour.

The Glow for It Set from Eco ToolsThe packaging is well thought out and informative - it tells you what brush you are getting, how to use it and where (with pictures) and yet manages to not make it feel like it's for a younger audience or make-up beginners. Some sets support charities which I love. Rather than just saying they support the charity there is a whole bit of information on the back of the box telling you about the campaign, ways you can get involved on social media and donations. The Glow For It set supports Global Women's Education and I love that they've called it the Women's Empowerment Brush Collection.

Eco Tools do great sets - quite often I love one or two things from the sets and not others so I do with they would do the sets and all the brushes individually. I'd love to have about 8 of the Define brushes in my kit but not so keen on the highlight. But I digress. There is a set for everyone - I sent one to my 13 year old cousin (the Modern Romance Collection) and I was going to give the Glow For It set to another younger girl but in the end I've packed it in my maternity bag! The anniversary brush tube is basically a great starter brush kit and so lovely for travel - you can put them in your bag and not worry about breaking them or covering everything in make-up and then use as a brush stand once you get to where you are going. And it's rose gold - which is always a winner.

Eco Tools Micro Blending BrushWe may have got a great goody bag from the launch but that doesn't mean I'm all set - there are still things I want to try out from Eco Tools which is surely the best sign that this is a great brand. Their travel set looks great and the make-up brush shampoo I'd love to try.

My favourites that I've tried so far and the ones I'd happily re-buy are: the micro blending brush (pictures; £4.99), the Define brush from the Define & Highlight Duo (£11.99), the spoolie from the brow shaping duo (I use the angle brow brush that comes with it for smudging eye liner; £4.99) from the and their Base Perfecting Blender Duo (£9.99). I think the pricing is incredibly reasonable, I really like the quality of these brushes so far - obviously I don't know how long they will last and will update this post when I have discovered this. I'd especially recommend these for teens who are getting into make-up - good to start with good quality, usable brushes that are eco friendly and won't break the bank.

Eco Tools are available from Feel Unique and Boots.


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