Wednesday 24 May 2017

Ilia Multistick

Ilia Multistick in TenderlyIlia is one of my favourite brands of the moment and I have been using their multistick pretty much daily since I received it a few months ago. Even though the colour, Tenderly, isn't necessarily one I would choose myself it blends so beautifully I'm a complete convert to a paler pink.

I've never been much one for multisticks - I can see their usefulness but I'm not that into matchy-matchy make-up though I do keep meaning to try this as an eyebase, it would probably work well under a taupe. This has completely converted me, it has such a beautiful finish, lasts for ages and is so incredibly easy to use. I've even dug out my old Kiko one that I bought and never really got round to using.

The multisticks are made using Shea Butter and Vitamin E so they feel great on the skin but these seem to last a lot longer than other cream blushers that I've tried. Really easily blendable too you can draw it straight onto your cheeks and blend out with your fingers or use a brush if you prefer. I think this would a great - if pricey - place to start for those who want to try a really natural-looking cream blusher.

Not only is the product easy to use but the packaging (made from recycled aluminum) is sturdy and perfect for travel or carrying in your handbag. One thing I hate is when products have crap packaging - whether it's plastic and falls apart or the product is easily damaged. This works and feels worth the price tag.

The colour Tenderly though paler than I would usually choose is so incredibly versatile - for some reason it looks darker in my picture, almost rose coloured. I use it on it's own for a really pretty natural look and when I need to have a bit more colour I add a powder over the top (usually Mae from Louise Young) and it helps the make-up stay looking fresh all day.

So far this is one of the few brands where I have loved everything I tried - I just wish it was easier to buy in the UK. 

What You Need to Know - Ilia Multistick
  • £30/US$34
  • 5g
  • 6 shades
  • 100% natural dye, 72% organic
  • Available in the UK from Net-a-Porter
  • Available elsewhere from Ilia, Sephora
  • Ilia is an ethical, green, cruelty free brand

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