Monday 13 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Narcissus Bunch from Blue Bowl God, gift idea posts are so tricky. The PR emails start coming in before Christmas and to come up with suggestions that are going to be right for everyone is an impossibility. I know Mother's Day like Valentine's Day, Father's Day and any other day may not be everyone's cup of tea.

But some people like it and struggle with what to do so here are my suggestions. As always I've decided to basically go with things that I would like, or that my mum would like, and hope that there is something here that either fits the bill or inspires you.

Some links are to specific websites that you should definitely have a proper look at... Blue Bowl being one of them. I just picked some of my favourite things but you'll no doubt find the perfect present somewhere on there.

The Non-Gifts
  • This sounds terrible but I love to have a whole day without thinking about food. This does not mean I want to not eat for 24 hours, far from it, but it's a real rarity for me to not be thinking about what to feed either the kids or the grown-ups. Usually both, three times a day. So a whole day of not having to is an absolute dream. I don't even want to have to say 'fish fingers, chips and peas'. Nothing. 
  • A lie-in. This should really go without saying especially if you've got littlies. A good pre-prepared lie-in - where Mr H has got his clothes ready to throw on when they wake him up so i'm left in a quiet, dark room having barely reached consciousness. 
Make-up & Beauty Gifts 
    Louise Young Lip Trio in Enigma
  • Louise Young Lip Trio - buying the right shade lipstick for someone can be tricky but these lip trios are great as you can mix your perfect colour and they go in your handbag easily. My mum has expressed interest in Enigma which would actually suit everyone so, if in doubt, that's the one I'd go for. 
  • Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush - Rose Glow is my favourite colour but shimmer can look unflattering if you have wrinkles. Daniel recommends Cherub for a youthful flush, but for those with high colour Glamour will be a more flattering option - neither of these colours contains any shimmer so would work best on more mature skins. 
  • Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing balm - giving a cleanser is not offensive and the packaging and product of this are enough to make it a nice present.  
  • Louise Young Brush Sets - the LY40 is a set of 5 brushes and the LY50 a set of  9. Both sets come with a brush roll and in a beautiful gift box. Louise makes my favourite brushes so a set is a great present.
Everything Else
Bovary & Co Signature Card
  • Bovary & Co cards - even if you don't do Mother's Day, a card and a bunch of daffodils (see below) is a nice gesture. If your kids are that way inclined then they can do a card but if not you can choose one from Bovary & Co, guaranteed to not be the same one that everyone else gets. 
  • Blue Bowl - one of my favourite presents ever is the charm bracelet I got from my husband for my 30th and the charms he has got me to represent our family ever since. My first charm was a lightening bolt from my bff Florence who now curates this gorgeous site. She sells charm bracelets and lots of charms and will be sure to track down what you want if you have something specific in mind. I also love these cushions, the gurgling fish jugs (I got one for my mum a few years ago which she uses everyday), and these indoor watering cans
  • Mere Soeur -  the only reason I'm not buying one of these for myself right now is I can't decide whether to get one to fit me now or as motivation for when I've had the baby. My top three are the One Good Mutha tee from the new collection, the Mama bolt tee and the Mama Gang tee both of which I've been eyeing up for some time. I think I'll play it safe and get a large - better too big than too small.
  • The Great Frog jewellery - I love it there. It reminds me of my youth, and that even though I've got 2 children, a mortgage and grey temples I am still the same person (clutching desperately at straws). I am particularly in love with the skull studs. You can buy them individually in-store because this place rules. They are £25 each and I just want the one thanks.  
  • Selfish Mother t-shirts - I love mine (despite one having been got by moths) and they are incredibly comfortable. A slogan t-shirt isn't for everyone though but if it is then my picks from the current range are the white and gold oversize t, and the vintage white and grey slub. I'm a Medium size here and a 10-12 in other brands.
  • Scamp and Dude Sweatshirt - all the rage, and rightly so. A navy one of these would be great. If in doubt, get a size up, loose is cool, tight is depressing. The peach swag bag is also on my wishlist.
  • Flowers - I know it's not cool but I genuinely love flowers (and scented candles... see below). White hydrangeas, any colour peony and for those with a smaller budget can you really go wrong with a whopper bunch of daffodils? You can some gorgeous spring beauties from Blue Bowl.
Skull Stud Earrings from The Great Frog
  • Scented candles - if you are into candles then you'll have a favourite. Mine is Lime, Basil Mandarin from Jo Malone and I think it's safe to say that most people like this so if you're not sure what to pick. This is a goodie. I'm also a sucker for anything from Scandinavisk or with coriander or tomato leaf. 
  • Manicure and/or Pedicure - there's nothing like having the time to get your nails properly done (if you are into that sort of thing) and Mother's Day is a perfect excuse. Ideally you'd book somewhere but if in doubt then £40 in cash and a gentle push out of the door will be perfect for a London mum (mani/pedi's are usually around £35, a lot of places only accept cash. The extra £5 can go towards a tip or a coffee!). If you are booking then the Cowshed Spa is a great place to go.

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