Sunday 18 December 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas

Aurelia Skincare Little Treasures Gift I'm keeping it quite short and sweet this year. And, for the most part, quite reasonably priced too. This is a make-up blog but I've included everything I've seen or tried that I'd want. Pretty simple really.

  • Scandinavisk Candle - I have loved every one of these I have smelt and have had my favourite, Skog, since last year and even though I burn it sparingly it gives off the most beautiful spurts of smell. Worth spending money on as it genuinely smells great. From £32
  • JT Make-up Studio Metallic Leaf - this is a great stocking filler for those who love a bit of creative make-up. So nice to be able to give a make-up present with no use by date. These will last forever and are great not only for Christmas and New Year parties but festivals, parties and Ibiza holidays. Minimum effort, maximum impact.£6.80
    Nude Skincare Liquid Gold Christmas Gift
  • H&M Jacquard Weave Scarf - I have a large blanket scarf. And I love it. But one's enough. If I could convince myself that it wasn't then I would get this like a shot. I love the colours, it's beautifully soft and particularly appealing to those of us who wear a lot of black. £14.99
  • Aurelia Little Treasures - a great present for girlfriends this contains a mini body oil and hand cream. I absent mindedly tried this oil on the back of my hand whilst waiting for something in Space NK and for the rest of the day it felt amazing. Exclusive to Space NK. £12
  • Consultation with Me! - well if you are like us and trying to de-clutter rather than add more stuff to your life then why not arrange a consultation with me. You can check out my (in the middle of being updated) website here
  • Nude Liquid Gold Christmas Bauble - I love this oil and even though it's a tiny bottle of it, a little goes a long way and it's a great present for a girlfriend. £15


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