Wednesday 13 July 2016

Recover Correct and & Conceal Red

Recover Correct and Conceal Red concealerConcealers are abundant, meaning slightly rubbish ones are all too easy to get your hands on. And I've had my mitts on a lot of bad concealers. There are two approaches to concealing. You have pretty good skin, minimal dark circles and just want something for a bit of brightening and to cover the odd spot. Or you want or need to use it to conceal redness, pigmentation, dark circles, add highlight and more.

If you are in the latter category then you need to make sure you are using the right concealer for the right job. Using a pink-toned, illuminating or heavy concealer on spots isn't going to cover them up, it's going to draw attention to them. It's a mistake I see often and one that's easy to avoid. Recover have just made this easier by developing the Correct & Conceal Red which, as the name suggests, is specifically for covering redness.

This yellow-toned concealer is very fine, making it buildable which is so useful. I have a thread vein and redness around my nose that need only light coverage but when I have a spot or reaction I need to be able to build up without it looking cakey.  If redness is your problem this could well be the product for you. As someone who focusses on dark circles I was impressed by how easily this covered redness compared to what I usually use and with the natural finish.

It has a gold-plated applicator that's great for when you have a break-out and don't want to use your fingers. Though I tend to use it to apply and then blend with my fingertips. It also makes it quite difficult to dispense the wrong amount - something I hate. It feels like everything about this product has been well researched and thought out. And, importantly, it contains no parabans, fragrance, sulfates, or animal derived raw ingredients.

It goes on well on its own or over the top of foundation and will last all day.  In fact my only problem with this is it's rather prohibitive price tag. Considering I can't use this under my eyes (which are dark, you could if yours weren't), £28 is a lot of money.

The main thing I use concealer for is dark circles and I can't wait to try the Correct & Conceal Undereye so I'm clearly not that put off by the price.

What You Need to Know - Recover Correct & Conceal Red
  • £28
  • 5ml
  • 6 colours available
  • Available from Recover

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