Wednesday 20 July 2016

Make-up International Supermatte Anti-Shine

Make Up International SuperMatte Anti-ShineThis is one of those pro favourites that once you've used it, it's never not in your kit. As a make-up artist you need to be able to problem solve as quickly as possible and the Make-up International Supermatte Anti-Shine is a small miracle worker that gives real piece of mind. A little goes a long way so it's worth having and hardly takes up any space in your kit. It's a bit of an unsung hero, but I'm about to sing.

Whether you are on a film set, photoshoot, working with a bride or just in the hot lights of a studio, shine in the wrong place is not what you want. Packing on blotting powder can cause cakey build up or really affect the finishes of your base. Anti-shine matte's out the skin under the base so you don't lose the desired finish. You can also tap it over the top of foundation if shine appears. This is also great if you do a lot of male grooming shoots - perfect for use around the hairline.

Most recently I used it on a bride in Greece where it was 38C and it did exactly what I needed. Although the skin wasn't naturally oily wearing make-up all day, partying into the small hours in that heat, I was concerned that blot powder wasn't going to last the distance.  After prepping the skin with cleanser, moisturiser and primer, I tapped this only in the t-zone. I then applied the base, powders etc and by the end of the night (around 4am) there was no hint of shine and the skin still looked flawless.

It comes in three shades light, medium and dark. I always carry medium as it will suit the most people. If you were to use it on very dark skin it may look ashy but the tint in these is minimal and quite transparent so you don't necessarily need to carry all shades. Choose which one you will use the most - you can always order up another if you need it for a specific job. The amazing ladies at PAM are very helpful!

What You Need to Know - Make-up International Supermatte Anti-Shine

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