Monday 4 April 2016

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser - The Civilian Report

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face MoisturiserAnother review courtesy of the lovely Bree. I've wanted to try this for ages, I've heard great things about it...

This was another score from the Liberty Advent Calendar. I like to use something a little heavier at night, though nothing too cray-cray (my forehead being very efficient at oil-production), and my day moisturiser isn’t hearty enough to suffice.

M&G packaging looks cool. It looks very Williamsburgh, NYC. For all I know it’s from there. Whatever, this moisturiser has the lovely vitamin E as well as some hyularonic acid so whilst you dream dreams of youth and uncracked foreheads the acid and vitamins can get working to make those dreams come true.

As a result of the aforementioned efficiently oily forehead I sometimes wake up in the morning with a light sheen rather reminiscent of that found on a girl of 16 rather than the oil-caked powdered wrinkles of a Notting Hill dame. 

Definitely less blotchy on waking up and, for me, very importantly less puffy. And not dry. 

What You Need to Know - Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser
  •  £37
  • 118ml
  • Suitable for all skin types and a good choice for men.
  • Nourishes and reduces irritation
  • Available from Space NK Liberty

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