Wednesday 27 April 2016

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Hair treatmentAs you may know haircare is not my strong point. Yes I know more than a lot of people but that knowledge is based on trial and error and having pretty horrendous hair that needs as much help as possible. I am always talked into buying products after I've had my hair done and often I can't really see the difference, or achieve what I want to achieve. Also Keratase is one of those brands which you mention to some people and they immediately say 'Oh that's made in the same factory as [I can never remember] and it's the same thing' and this sounds plausible and it is quite expensive so I tend to avoid. Until now.

I've discovered that for maximum volume I wash my hair at night, put various things in (including this from L'Oreal Professional) and then roughly dry it and then sleep on it. Not only does this give it a boost but I seems to allow it's natural 'curl' to do what it wants. I say 'curl' because it's not a nice curl, it's a varying amount of bumps that are prone to frizz. Sleeping with damp hair was causing the ends to look a bit frayed and damaged and so I was given this to try (I say given, I bought it). It also protects the hair against heat which I'm quite keen on even though I rarely straighten anything except my fringe these days.

I apply a pea sized amount of this (with a pea-sized amount of Redken Stay High 18 - review to come soon) to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, rough dry it, maybe with a bit of scrunching thrown in for good measure. There was notable improvement from first use, which I wasn't expecting. I would not put this anywhere near my roots, I have fine hair that tends to go flat without quite a lot of effort so I have always avoided anything from the Nutritive range (my sister uses it on her mane) as I assumed it would weigh it down. It doesn't but I'm very careful not to use to much and to really focus on the ends.

The ends look in better condition. People have been commenting on how glossy my hair is looking and it's down to this. It's the only thing it could be. So it's straight onto the automatic re-buy list.

What You Need to Know - Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique
  • £15-£20
  • 150ml
  • Heat protection
  • Suits dry/damaged/dull hair. Also good for curly hair.
  • Paraban free
  • Available in the UK from Feel Unique, Look Fantastic

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