Wednesday 4 November 2015

Louise Young Super Concealer Trio

Anyone who knows me will tell you that one of my most recent make-up related rants involves concealer palettes. If you are a normal person you do not need 6 or 12 concealers in a palette, even if the whole thing does cost £4.99. You should need 1-3 depending on what you want and need to conceal. I like a pink/peach tone for my dark circles and a yellow for any redness or spots but lets face it, most of the time I'm too lazy to bother changing (which is why I like the Clarins concealer so much - except that it comes in an annoying tube). When it comes to concealer I find that you usually get what you pay for but it's hard to find good quality and good colours. Also lets face it, now there is a thin line between concealers and highlighters with a lot of brands so all in all getting a good concealer is getting harder.That's where Louise Young comes in.

Louise Young Concealer Trio in LightThe Louise Young concealer trios are absolutely perfect - you can blend the colour you need for what you want to conceal. They are lovely creamy textures in a great range of colours to correct and conceal which mean you can adapt, mix and blend to the shades of your face but your are not overloaded with unnecessary extra colours. The three colours should also get you through season changes, unless you are a drastic tanner.

I love the palette it comes in - sturdy and slimline with a mirrored lid and a brush so you can take it with you. And the brush is actually useful - I tend to use my finger and finish off the details with the brush or use it on specific problems if I have a blemish or to cover my thread vein. These are lovely fluid/cream concealers sheer at first and buildable so those of you who don't need much don't have to worry about too thick an application.

What really makes a difference though is the quality of these concealers. As with all of Louise's products they are based on what she would want in her kit (she was a working make-up artist for years before she came out with her own range) but made for everyone, and she tests and oversees all the products in her line so they really are make-up artist quality. And frankly, that's what I want from my make-up brand, an actual make-up artist testing and overseeing the quality of products, not someone in a boardroom looking for the latest make-up trend.

What You Need to Know - Louise Young Super Concealer Trio
  • £20
  • 4 colourways available - Light, Medium, Olive and Dark
  • Includes brush
  • Available in the UK from Louise Young, Beauty Bay, Jarrold's
  • Louise Young is a cruelty free brand 

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  1. I Totally Agree - Best Concealer Ever ! Amazing formulation, and perfect shade combination = Winner


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