Tuesday 12 August 2014

Dowal Walker Christmas

When I first met my husband I was at university and he was a restaurant review for a what's-on-in-London website and I thought he was incredibly glamorous and he used to complain that he was always having to do Valentine's Day reviews at Christmas and Christmas in July and I thought he was a moaning miny. Now he's a consultant and I am a blogger and so it's me that spent quite a lot of a very hot July going to Christmas events and trying to take endless notes and photo's so I don't forget all the festive wonder before it all comes out in July.

Paul and Joe Christmas 2014 Eye Trios
Some of the gorgeous palette's from Paul & Joe
Paul and Joe Christmas 2014 Lipsticks
Limited edition Lipstick compacts from Paul & Joe
I don't usually write about events that I've been to as I think it's a bit weird but Dowal Walker PR did such a fun Christmas preview last week that I thought it was worth a mention. A major perk of this job is you do occassionally get your hands on some fabulous samples to try out and this Christmas event was no different - we were given empty bags when we arrived and told to take anything we wanted from the huge glass bowls dotted around the rooms. Sadly I was on 'mum-time' so only managed to arrive half an hour before the end when there was hardly anything left (I have suggested goody bags be made up for those who have to do bath time before they are able to get out). However I still came away with some amazing things to try out and was blown away by their amazing client list and the products I tried out on the night.

I am a huge fan of Paul & Joe Beaute, not just for the show-stopping packaging every product I've tried has been fantastic quality and worth the money I paid for it - it's rare to find a brand that does both so well. We got really cute kitten make-up bags to take away with us and a sneak peak at the up-and-coming products they have on offer this Christmas including new limited edition lipsticks and cases, lip concealer pencils (a must have) and Lip Liner duo's.
Nails Inc Christmas 2014
Nails Inc have collaborated with It Girl Alexa Chung to bring out a range of incredible nail colours for Christmas. I tend not to focus on nails so I probably wouldn't have noticed these had I not gone to the event but the sparkle colours are absolutely gorgeous, fun and sophisticated. Sadly I missed all the samples though did manage to get some Gel Effect Top Coat which I'm hoping will be a more reasonably priced dupe for the Dior one which was huge last year.

HealgelHealGel is taking the makeup and skincare world by storm and this was the first chance I'd had to actually try some out. For those who don't know HealGel is an aqueous gel with active ingredients created by plastic surgeons and dermatological biochemists who wanted to create a range of skincare that actually worked to soothe, repair and protect the skin. They have just bought out HealGel Body and I tried their world-renowned HealGel face which seemed lovely (though applied to the back of my hand). Can't wait to try more of this.

Japonesque Eye Quad
Fell in love with this Japonesque palette
Percy & Reed are by far and away my favourite company for haircare products - if it was easier to get hold of I would never use any dry shampoo but theirs. One of the samples I did manage to pick up was the Shine & Fragrance spray and this smells divine. Perfect for the morning after the night before,  giving your hair a spritz when you are going out straight from work or as a present for a pregnant friend - I hated my hair smelling of cooking smells when I was pregnant so this spray would have been a godsend.

So those were my favourite picks of the night from brands I do know. I was also introduced to Grown Alchemist - a new organic skincare range and their Vanilla and Orange Peel hand cream is to die for. Free from artificial chemicals their products focus on a whole range of needs from anti-aging, anti-blemish and dryness to redness, oily skin and uneven skin tone. Definitely a brand to try out.

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