Tuesday 26 August 2014

Dior Star Fluid Foundaion

The first time I used this foundation I was in a hurry, I hadn't moisturised (tut tut) and I thought it was a bit meh. I WAS WRONG. The next time I tried it it blew my mind. It's that good.

In this job you hear a lot of 'this is the best... it does everything... it's better than... etc etc' and I have to say it's very easy to go 'yes yes' nod enthusiastically, go home, try it and find it's not as amazing as they've made it out to be (and why not? it's their job after all). And I assumed this was the same for the new Diorskin Star foundation but this product actually lives up to the hype.

Diorskin Star Fluid FoundationWith a long-lasting, radiant, professional finish this it the foundation that the lovers of the now extinct Chanel Pro Lumier are looking for and, available in 12 shades, this medium to full coverage foundation is pretty light on the skin and lasts all night even without a primer underneath. The luminosity comes from the doughnut shaped pigment spheres that reflect two dimensional light which intensifies the natural healthy glow - most modern foundations contain solid spheres only reflecting light in one direction which can cause a flat mask-like appearance.

But this new technology is not the only fantastic thing about this foundation. It contains powerful active ingredients with longer-term skin benefits. Immortelle flower encourages cell renewal and softens the skin, daisy extract regulates melanin production to counteract dark spots and liquorice extract combats redness. These are said to improve radiance and smoothness of the skin by 50% in just 4 weeks - whether this is true or not it's great to know that something you are putting on your skin as make-up is benefiting it as well.

Dior recommend using this with their Backstage Pro's Fluid Foundation Sponge (also available in September) - their version of the now famous Beauty Blender - but I use it with my foundation brushes and/or hands and it goes on very well. The trick with it is to use a little at a time and build and blend on well moisturised skin. It really does even out your skin tone and I hardly had to use any concealer when using this foundation - it worked that well on my redness and dark circles.

I believe that this foundation would suit all skin types though I've only tried it on my own dehydrated and fairly sensitive face. I know that the reason I didn't like it the first time was that my skin was so dry it just absorbed it really and I felt like I would need the entire bottle to cover my face. This isn't the case, a little of this can go a long way and, when applied correctly, it will give you a full coverage but with a radiant finish.

I will be posting a quick review for this over the next couple of weeks so keep a lookout for it.

What You Need To Know - Dior Star Fluid Foundation
  • RRP £32 for 30ml 
  • 12 shades
  • To suit all skin types
  • Active ingredients include Immortelle Flower, daisy extract and liquorice extract
  • Available from Boots, Debenhams, All Beauty, House of Fraser

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