Monday 13 January 2014

Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturiser

Ugh what a massive disappointment, especially as not so long ago it was my Product of the Week, but when it ran out on 27th December I couldn't believe it.

I bought this when we were in New York at the end of October. It was about US$55 for 1oz (approx. 30ml - it's about £45 in the UK hence why I got it in New York) and I used it a couple of times a week since then - a little of this goes a long way and it's really blendable so one of the reasons I love, it's a pretty full coverage tinted moisturiser. Why oh why then has it run out two months later. I have foundations that are older than my marriage because they just last for so long. There is no explanation for this unless I got a dodgy half-empty bottle and Hourglass are firmly ignoring me on twitter.

So for this reason I have to say - save your money, don't buy this, there are lot and lots of other lovely foundations and tinted moisturisers available that will give you what you pay for. Yes the quality of the product is good but for that price I expected this to last me much, much longer.

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