Tuesday 7 January 2014

Final Winners

OK the decisions are made and the winners are chosen. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, especially to those who did so most days and didn't win anything. The original winner of the Anatomicals Scrub and Waitrose Bottom Butter has claimed her prize but for the others the winners are...

Soph Nina - you've won the lip glosses (thoroughly deserved as you entered lots)
Siliva Bia - you won the Along Came Betty products and the Batiste dry shampoo
RayRay Cartucci - you have won the L'Oreal Liner and MeMeMe Nail Varnish
Natalia Sandra - you got the Amazing Shine lashes and Duo glue.

Huge congratulations - email me your addresses to contact at corinnaharrod dot com and I shall send them out to you as soon as possible x

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