Tuesday 12 March 2013

Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Bronzer

Last week I wrote a review of Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection Tinted Moisturiser. I didn't like it very much which was a surprise because for the last 5 ish months I've been using, the Limited Collection Bronzer and loving it.

Writing the review of the tinted moisturier made me realise that I hadn't done a post on the bronzer yet and I feel bad that the first review for Limited Collection on this blog is for something I wasn't so keen on - although I do point out that I pretty much love everything else of their's that I've tried.
Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Bronzer Light
The bronzer, which comes in lovely, if slightly bulky, packaging is available in two shades - light and medium. I have the light and it is matte enough to be absolutely fantastic for really gentle, everyday contouring. If I want to get a extreme contoured look I use Hoola by Benefit which for a long time was one of the only matte bronzers on the market, or if I'm working on someone else I use Soleil Tan de Chanel but I try not to use that on myself and keep it fresh for my kit. But, especially since being pregnant, I like to do some really light shaping with my everyday make-up and the Limited Collection Bronzer is just perfect for that.

I'd like to point out that although the packaging is bulky it seems (so far) to be shatter proof, I've dropped this bronzer a hundred times and it's been absolutely fine - well worth the extra space it takes up in your make-up bag. It is also incredibly reasonably priced at £5 - I've had this for nearly 6 months, using it most days and it's only just starting to run out.

I was so impressed by the quality of this cheap bronzer and so unimpressed by the cheap tinted moisturiser that I have no choice but to try out any other products from Limited Collection that I like the look of and I recommend that you do to. Who knows, maybe I'll find a client with perfet flawless skin, who doesn't need any coverage at all and the tinted moisturiser will come into its own and I'll eat my words!

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