Monday 18 March 2013

Face It Clinic, Highgate

One of the massive perks of writing this blog is that sometimes I get sent to meet people who not only love what they do but really know what they are talking about. Last Thursday was one of those days, and even though I was an incredibly rude 15 minutes late, thanks to a cancellation I was able to have a really interesting conversation with Donna at the Face It Clinic in Highgate and hear about an incredible, innovative new skincare range that she and her team have been trying out since 2010.

Being late always puts me on the back foot, I hate it, it's so rude but trying to get anywhere for 9.30am when you have a small baby, and when that place is the other side of town, well it's kind of impossible. I arrived slightly sweaty and shamed and I could tell Donna was at the beginning of a busy day and she did not necessarily think much of me waltzing in 15 minutes later than I was supposed to. So what started off as rather formal then descended into an amazing chat about skin, my skin, pregnancy and breast-feeding hormones, common misconceptions about skin and why she was so excited about Dermaviduals the not-so-new skincare range that she has been putting thorough it's paces for two years.

I was there to talk about Dermaviduals, and this was to be a review of it, but having discussed my situation, my skin type and what the product actually does, and having completely enthused me with her passion for what she does the review of Dermaviduals is going to have to be ongoing. I can however, highly recommend Face It Clinic for those North London dwellers and in fact anyway willing to make the journey to Highgate (it's rather lovely in itself so well worth a visit).

The clinic looks inviting although I always find these places rather intimidating - I'm not entirely sure why. It also only stocks serious products - nothing that's there as a crowd pleaser. The ranges there have been tried and tested, they work and they are top of the range. I've had quite a few face and body treatments over the years and never have I been in the hands of someone with such incredible knowledge of skin and it's needs. From now on I can't imagine entrusting myself to anywhere else for treatments - one week of using the Dermaviduals and my skin has improved. I am definitely going back.

So I will be reviewing the Dermaviduals range but it will be in stages as I try the products out and my skin gets back to normal and ready for the bespoke range.


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