Tuesday 5 February 2013

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

I thought being pregnant would save us loads of money. I wasn't drinking which also meant I wasn't getting tipsy and accidentally buying cigarettes, I didn't want to spend lots of money on maternity clothes and my feet were too swollen for exciting shoes but no... instead of saving I needed to spend money on making my face look less bloated, blotchy and horrific. My favourite of these purchases, which wasn't actually necessary at all but was a last minute treat about a month before I had the baby, was Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 15 Taupe. I wanted something easy to use, that brought out the green in my eyes to distract from the rest of my face and because I have never tried anything from them before which is ridiculous as it a brand much loved by professionals and raved about by most people who use it.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 15 Taupe

The Aqua Creams are waterproof cream eye colours that can also be used on lips and cheeks - I think this shimmery taupe colour should stay on the eyes though. You do need to work reasonably quickly with this to get the shape you want before it dries it is really blendable and therefore easy to use - just do one eye at a time. What I love about the taupe colour I chose is that you can use it really lightly so it brings out the eye-colour (for green/blue eyes) without it being very obvious that you have anything on the lid at all, or you can make it much more dramatic by building the colour up to be much deeper. I usually use a medium wash of colour and blend a small amount of black eye pencil along the lash line smoking it up at the corners.

They are not cheap at £17.50 for a 6g pot but the pigmentation and colour payoff is so good that you really don't need very much of this to make a real impact. They are easy to use - apply with a finger or a brush - and don't crease so are fantastic on their own or as a base for other shadows or glitters and shimmers. There is an incredible range of colours (22 to be precise) from taupes, pinks, gold and plums, to bright reds, greens and blues. What I love about this cream colour is that it really does last all day whether I've been out and about in the snow with the pram or ill in bed with food poisoning (I don't usually do my make-up when I have food poisoning... it struck when I already had my face on) it really doesn't budge. Best of all it's paraban free... what's not to love

What You Need to Know - Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

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