Wednesday 13 February 2013

Bath time

One of the nice things about having a baby is that when people aren't giving you presents for the baby they are giving you lovely things just for you. Husbands seem to miss out rather. Last night while wallowing I realised I'm nearly out of my post-baby bath treats and decided to narrow it down to my top three. All of these I would buy for friends who were expecting or had just popped or indeed who I thought need a little bit of stress relief at bath time... except the Mother's Bath Oil. I would probably keep that to just be for expectant and new mothers.These are in no particular order although in terms of smell the Arran Aromatics bath bubbles has the slight edge for me but disaster, when researching it I discovered that they have recently completely ruined a lovely product. As you'll see from the rather ranty end to this review.

Neal's Yard Mother's Bath Oil
Neal's Yard Mother's Bath Oil
Lavender Bath Salts from the Long Barn - famous for its lavender products the Long Barn bath salts are not only infused with lavender but also almond oils both of which are fantastic for... well your lower areas after giving birth. The lavender is also famous for soothing and relaxing and I can't really stress enough how nice those post baby baths are - 10 minutes or so where its just you and a handful of these feels really properly spoiling. The lavender bits do need to be rinsed from the bath but your other half can do that. £12 for 300g.

Mother's Bath Oil from Neal's Yard - again this contains almond oil which is what you need after having a baby but what I love about this one is it's a lovely alternative to lavender. It does contain lavender but it's overall smell is more apricot and citrus with the lavender more as an undertone. It also contains olive oil so very good for leaving the skin feeling moisturised. £14.75 for 100ml.

Arran Aromatics Lavender Bath
Original packaging for Arran Aromatics

Essential Lavender/Island Spa Bath and Shower Gel from Arran Aromatics - now this I think is my favourite because it is such an unusual lavender smell. It is, however a victim of marketing men having one meeting too many. It was called Essential Lavender and it sort of was - it is such a fantastic smell and so relaxing and it just sort of feels luxurious and the packaging is all smart and grown up. And yet I go to their website to get more details and I'm informed that 'going forward' they have decided Essential Lavender should be called Island Spa. Island Spa does not say Lavender to me... it sounds a bit sickly floral. Not anything I would look at particularly. And the packaging. Oh god the packaging looks like a kid's sun lotion bottle not a nice bath treat for a grown up. I'm sad to say I can no longer vouch for what's in the bottle - I'm hoping they haven't lost it completely and changed this gorgeous smelling bubble bath but I don't know. Big mistakes all round I think. You can still find the old design in some places - Bath and Unwind seem to have it, at a fantastic price too.


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