Tuesday 31 July 2012

Ciate Nails

I've heard some great things about Ciate (pronounced see-are-tay) nail polishes and seen them worn by lots of different people include Lisa Eldridge and the girls at Pixiwoo all of whom I trust when it comes to great products but when I tried out the Ciate nail varnish in Boudoir I wasn't blown away.

It's more to do with the colour, which after two coats was still not as solid as I would have liked, or expected. The varnish itself had quite good staying power, being wearable but with a few chips for nearly a week (and probably longer if professionally applied) and was very easy to apply and reasonably quite drying. I'm sure with another coat the colour would have been better but I really think two coats should be enough with any colour.

That being said I would love to try their new Bottled Sunshine Colleciton which look beautiful and I'd be interested to know whether the colour coverage is better with these shades - maybe Boudoir was just a one off.

I'm definitely going to persevere with Ciate colours however as. not only is the packaging lovely but they are certified 3 Free which means there is nothing nasty in their varnishes.

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