Wednesday 11 July 2012

Benefit Speed Brow

There's a lot going on with brows at the moment. Boyfriend brows are popular, big, bushy and often quite dark but having your brows 'natural' is even more trendy looking slightly ungroomed and unplucked whilst actually being groomed and plucked. Some people have brows that need filling in, mine have a few holes that are easily fixed with either pencil or powders while friends of mine need them really shaped and styled to make them stand out.

This is all very well if you are going out, going to a job interview or on a date and want to look your absolute best. Sometimes however I just want them to look good with minimal amount of effort. Usually a bit of grooming with a brow brush (I love this Real Techniques one) will do but recently I've been using Speed Brow by Benefit and find this a fantastic way to get groomed, yet natural brows that stay in the same place all day.

It is a brush on gel in a neutral shade to suit most people, that dries really quickly and has a small brush so it's just fantastically easy to use. If you need to add a lot of colour to bring your brows out everyday then this may not be the product for you - you should probably try something by Anastasia or MAC - but for a quick even out and set this is great. My only problem is that the tube is quite small for £12 so it really won't last too long - I'm hoping that they'll bring out more colours too. I'm hoping they'll fix this!

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