Wednesday 29 February 2012

Shell Lip Balm

Shell Lip Balm
Oriental Fan Shell Lip Balm
These are really sweet and would be a great, girlie present. Made using real shells and organic lip balm, I really like Shell Lip Balms because... well the balm really works, the mirror in the shell is great and it's so unusual. If you are trying to put together hen party presents or maybe as an alternative to the Easter egg, this would be a great solution. They will also put together a wedding pack for you to use as wedding 'favours' (I hate that word).

I have the Oriental Fan and was worried it would be a bit flimsy. Not at all, it's much more chunky and sturdy than I expected and it comes in a little bag so you can keep it dust and dirt free in the bottom of your handbag xx

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  1. Love your idea about giving a Shell Lip Balm for Easter over an easter egg! Well, lip balm and chocolate... both are instantly attracted to your lips right?! x PS: Dislike the word 'favours' too! What else can we call them?


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