Monday 10 October 2011

Smooch Lipgloss

Smooch Lip Gloss
As much as I may like lip glosses I quite often don't wear them, it seems that as soon as I leave the house my hair whips over my face and leaves little marks of gloss all over my cheeks, but somehow It's Peachy lipgloss by new make-up brand Smooch seems to have made it's way into my make-up bag and seems to be always just the thing to complete a look.

I didn't like it at first - you have to do quite a few clicks before you get enough gloss out to actually do anything, and then you have to really work it on with the brush so it doesn't look streaky. But once it's on it seems to stay pretty well, you don't need to use too much of it and it's not too glossy. I also think that this particular colour seems to look great over the top of most lipsticks if you want to give it just a bit of gloss. The packaging is cute and the price isn't too eye watering at £7.50 and at the moment they are offering a free eye pencil with orders over £5 so definitely worth checking out xx

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