Monday 24 October 2011

MyFace Strawberry Fields Lipstick

MyFace Gigabite Lipstick in Strawberry Fields
MyFace Lip Liner in BrickThe more I use them the more I love MyFace cosmetics and the way they go about creating their products. I love red lipstick but being a dyed blonde it's very hard to carry it off without looking trashy or washed out. MyFace however, have this covered with their selected shades according to your skin tone. I've been trying out their Myface Gigabite Lipstick Strawberry Fields and I love it. It's not a real red, red - it's quite pinkish but what I love most about it is that you can either wear it pale and pink or deeper and reder depending on your mood, or outfit, or where you are going. It does wear off eventually but evenly and prettily and is fantastically easy to apply with or without a mirror so touch ups aren't a problem. For £9.99 this is a fantastic buy - lovely colour, lovely package, great quality.

MyFace Lipstick and pencil Swatch
So I had the perfect berry tone of lip liner to go with it I've been using Myface High Def Lip Pencil Brick from the medium/dark range and again it's fantastic. The line goes straight on with great colour - it lives up to it's high definition claim. This blends really well with a lot of different reds I've tried it with and I think is now going to be a definite lip liner staple in my kit. As good as if not better than MAC and only £6.49 xx

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