Thursday 11 August 2011

Organic Surge Cleanser

When I was on my make-up course we had our make-up removed two or three times a day. This caused havoc with most skins, many of us got spots and a few of us with dry skin looked like just-peeled tomatoes within the first couple of days. We'd all been told to bring our own cleanser with us rather than using the generic school ones and as it was sitting, new and unopened, in my cupboard I decided to take my Organic Surge Cleanser. I was so glad I did - out of all the cleansers used this one didn't make any one's face react badly and actually soothed the skin rather than irritated it. It removed make-up without being harsh and is incredibly good value at £4.99 (or £5.99 on Amazon Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion).

It contains chamomile which is what is so calming to the skin, lemon oil to detoxify and green tea which reduces inflammation and heals the skin which is why it was so fantastic for our over used faces! If you are feeling the pinch then give this a try. I'm going to try the face wash next xx

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