Wednesday 31 August 2011

A Bit of Wisdom

Smugness comes before a period of feeling intensely unwell.

Last Friday I had my three remaining wisdom teeth removed. Because the bottom one was so impacted and I'm a complete Nancy about injections I had a general anesthetic. All was fine, I was calm, I cried when the needle went into my hand, they then gave me 'nice drugs' to shut me up and then I went to sleep. I came round less than an hour later feeling dozy and fine but pretty unimpressed with the tube in my hand. I wanted it out. I told the nurse this. She said no and wheeled me back to the recovery ward. The new nurse asked how I was feeling and I told her about my intense dislike of the tube and she told me I wouldn't be allowed it out of my hand until I'd gone for a pee and as I hadn't drunk for almost 10 hours that probably wouldn't be for a while and she'd bring me some water.

She had not reckoned on my amazing bladder control - not in the way that people usually have it but my ability to be able to pee pretty much whenever I want. I know that as soon as I get on the tube I'll need to go so I just make myself go right before I leave. I'm every mothers dream. I told the nurse I could go immediately and pootled off and did just that. Then was pretty smug as tube was removed and I was told that technically I was allowed to leave. My sister came to pick me up and apart from slight mocking of my 'hamster face' we were both pretty impressed at how easy it had been. I really wasn't in too much pain and felt a bit out of it but fine...

It is now Wednesday and for the last two days I have felt headachey and sick all the time.  I can't work out if it's because of the anesthetic or because I took hardcore painkillers for four days and now my body wants more but whatever it is it is not nice. The pain from the teeth is pretty minimal, definitely bearable... the after affects from whatever it is is starting to piss me off.

There has been two lights in this murky horror of recovery though - Origins GinZing eye cream and Perfect World Face Protector. Before the operation I was completely in love with GinZing but in the aftermath the two of them together made me feel more human than I thought possible. I love make-up (as you know) but the afternoon and day after the op I just couldn't face putting any on - but frankly, I looked a state. These creams made an instant difference to the extent that people who thought I'd just gone to the bathroom thought I looked much better!

As you probably know I have quite bad dark circles under my eyes and I am constantly trying to find something to help me get rid of them. Nothing really works so far apart from concealing them but the GinZing makes an immediate difference. Caffeine, ginseng, and magnolia extract wakes up and restores the eyes and should help de-puff too - although that is not something I have a problem with. You can dab it on with your fingertip and gently pat it into the skin - you only need a really small amount so one pot should last you for ages.

I use Perfect World moisturiser and thought that maybe the face protector wouldn't be any different except for the SPF which is helpful during the summer but it's slightly thicker than the moisturiser and incredibly hydrating - it also seems to really smooth and even out the skin tone. I really recommend this as a great base for those who wear little or no base.

My love affair with origins just went up a notch xx

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  1. Love it. Love your blog so cool.


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