Tuesday 5 July 2011

No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish in So Simple

I've been looking for a light brown nail varnish for the last couple of weeks - my usual red felt a bit to vampy with my floaty summer dress which I wear to weddings at this time of year and I've tried a lot of bright pinks which always tend to look a bit streaky on me... and I just wanted an excuse to buy another nail varnish! I've not been hugely enamoured with the No 7 nail varnishes I've tried before but the So Simple colour looked perfect so I thought it was worth a go.

I really do adore the colour - its a really light beige, not at all sparkly but nice and glossy - very grown up. I also much preferred the new wider brush which really does make application much easier and even seems to get the colour right to the edges satisfactorily which I was dubious about originally (I thought bigger brush = more mess). It dried quickly and evenly and I am generally very pleased with it.

Not a very good photo but you can't see the chips!
Two things I feel I should point out - if you have been wearing darker colours you will really need to get them all off as any tiny bit of colour shows up. I know this sounds obvious but I can see little glimmers of red right down between my nail and cuticle which slightly annoys me (my own fault I know). Also I did manage to chip this after two days - I'm pretty sure that it's because of my angry way of typing - I definitely need to learn to use the pads of my fingers rather than hammering on the tops of my nails but just be aware of this. I will say that will this fantastic colour any chips are only noticeable to you and therefore it's another great colour for 'occasions'.

Having looked on the Boots website I see that quite a few people didn't like these new varnishes (all seemed to love the range of colours though) so it seems to be a bit 'Marmite'. I usually buy nail varnishes based on matching the colours that I need or want at the time rather than loving a particular brand (although I'm a big fan of Toma and Revlon) and I sort of advise you to do the same. I think every one's idea of the perfect nail varnish is completely different - you just have to try for yourself. I would definitely want to try out of colours from this new No 7 range though - much improved on their last one methinks  xx

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