Tuesday 26 July 2011

Origins Super Spot Remover

Origins Super Spot Remover
Origins  improved version of the Super Spot Remover saved my holiday. Not that a massive and painful spot on my chin would really have dampened it that much but adding it to the continuous rain, wet feet and my permanent role as designated driver may well have tipped me over the edge.

I felt the ominous bruised feeling the night before we left and luckily had the wherewithal to dab some Super Spot Remover on the tell tale red patch before bed and again in the morning and rather than becoming a being in it's own right that Easy Jet would have charged us extra for, it just vanished! Fantastic. At £12 for 10ml it is not the cheapest spot treatment out there but it works and will save you pounds spent on other things that just don't. And this 10ml pot will last you a seriously long time if, like me, you are someone who gets the odd whopper.

What You Need to Know - Origins Super Spot Remover

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