Tuesday 17 May 2011

Radio Silence

Yet another apology for the complete radio silence from me (I'm going to start tagging 'Apology' soon) but well... without wanting to sound too moany, moany my Daddy died a week and a half ago and I am not even wearing any make-up half of the time (shock horror) let alone thinking about it, buying it or sneakily trying it on in the shop even though you are not supposed to. I know that I must get back on the wagon soon - you'll be relieved to hear that I managed to drag myself (and my sister) out for a pedicure last week. It was actually because I didn't have the heart to even bend over to paint my toenails but I could pretend it was for research. The research has proven that getting anything done outside of London is a lot cheaper.

I would like to point out that I may not be wearing much make up but I am eating so my other blog (Blue Sky and Bunting) may be a bit more interesting at the moment... although probably not much

It's too strange to put a photo of him up I think... so here's a picture of my dog Mouse in her pack-a-mac which I put her in to cheer me up (which she doesn't mind!!!) xx

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