Monday 23 May 2011

A Good Reliable Brown Eyeliner

I am a massive fan of black eyeliner but during the day I like to wear a slightly lighter colour under my lower lashes. Now I have fallen in love with Mac's eyeliner in Teddy which is brown with a bit of gold sparkle but even this is too fancy schmancy for day wear. I wanted a good colour that was easy and reliable to apply - so I turned once again to MyFace cosmetics and their brown eye pencil from their medium colour range. It is fantastically easy to apply gives a strong, blendable line that stays on all day and best of all it does crumble and fall apart when you try and sharpen it/use it more than once/put it in your make up bag. At £6.99 I would highly recommend this - you could pay a lot more for something not half as good xx

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