Thursday 17 March 2011

No 7 Speed Dry Nail Varnish in Coral Kiss

No 7 Speed Dry Coral Kiss - not very corally
I'm researching a piece on coral nail varnish at the moment so this week I'm wearing No 7's Coral Kiss Speed Dry Nail varnish. It was incredibly easy to apply, relatively quick to dry (these quick dry nail varnishes are never as quick as I think they are going to be) and was very smooth once dry. However, I really don't think it's coral at all. Now I know my skin tone has a tendency to bring out the red in coral colours but there's nothing coral about this... if you want a really nice bright red then it's great. What is not great though is that having applied it on Sunday evening the first chips appeared by Tuesday lunchtime. Now I do type all the time so I'm pretty demanding on my nail polish but not only where there chips along the tops on my nails but also along by the cuticles. Not very good I think you'll agree. So great for easy application, bright colour and good results if you are going to a party that night - but for general use and coral colour this is a no xx

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