Tuesday 8 March 2011


Now I have to admit that I get very confused about shampoo's and conditioners. Are they all the same? They don't seem to be and they definitely do different things to my hair but I have sort of avoided ever reviewing them in case I get a load of comments telling me I'm an idiot. However, when I went to get my hair coloured recently I was told to try using Kerastase's Resistance shampoo and conditioner to build up the strength of my really damaged locks. Now Kerastase is not cheap and I was very happy using Elvive's damage control but I thought in for a penny in for a pound so got some and I've really noticed a difference.

Kerastase Resistance products are for chemically or naturally weak hair, hair losing vitality or fine fly-away hair - they do not moisturise which is what I think most women expect from their shampoo. You are not left feeling like you have silken locks BUT I feel like my hair is thicker and less damaged - so much so that I even returned to buy the Kerastase Paris Resistance Ciment Thermique a leave-in reconstructing milk that is heat activated so it really helps weakened and damaged hair that is blow dried or straightened.

The shampoo is the Kerastase Paris Bain De Force Shampoo which rebuilds hair internally, the conditioner is Kerastase Paris Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure Conditioner which gives the hair a protective layer on the outside. As I've mentioned before these aren't cheap - both the shampoo and conditioner are about £14 each but these are not products that you use forever, I've been told to use two rounds of these (as it were) and then move on to the Nutritive products which put moisture back into the hair. I will of course be sucked in and use these other products but I'm hoping that once I've used those for a bit I can return to less expensive treatments. Or maybe I won't, my sister uses Nutritve and says hers last for ages so it's worth it - her hair is amazing so that's a pretty good advertisement. xx

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