Thursday 3 February 2011

Thread Vein part 1

I suppose the very fact that I have called this Part 1 means I've made up my mind but maybe there just won't be a Part 2. I have a thread vein. For about a year and a half it's mocked me every time I look in the mirror and actually makes me more guilty about smoking then people coughing in my presence ever did. Of course it may not be smoking - it could be caused by anything but I'm convinced it's smoking. Anyway I hate it and I want it gone. No amount of foundation seems to cover it and it makes my skin blotchy. People say they can't notice it but I suddenly realised... I don't care! I can see it and I'm sure at least 80% of them are being polite.

The thing is its expensive, and not exactly pain free and I'm scared. And I don't want to have a story in the Sun with a picture of me crying and saying 'I only went in to get a thread vein removed and they burnt my face off'. Thoughts? Advice? Horror stories? Dare I even dream - success stories? xx

p.s I would have posted a picture of it but I'm not brave enough

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  1. Go for it! If you put some work into researching the facility/service provider, chances are you will have a good experience. Then, if you get there and your gut tells you not to do it, you can always walk away before they start the procedure. :)


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