Friday 11 February 2011

Home Innovation

My Elizabeth Arden cheek colour gave up and fell to pieces a couple of weeks ago (a bit sooner than it should have if you ask me) and I was about to chuck it (I've never been able to keep powders that self-destruct, they stick around long enough to spread over everything and then I chuck them. Using them just makes me sad and disappointed) when I realised that I was eeking out the very last of my A Perfect World moisturiser and had more on order so I should make my very own cream blusher!

I've never even used cream blusher before (how very 2008 of me) but having tipped the dusty remnants of the blusher into the nearly empty pot and adding a bit more moisturiser (mixing it together using one of the hundreds of disposable chopsticks Joe insists on having) I had made my own! I actually really like it - I'm still coming to terms with how to apply it but i think the colour is nice and it feels simpler and more natural than a powder. Or maybe I'm just telling myself that!

This actually looks a bit gross but it's lovely really!


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  2. Fantastic pieces - I love the jade wire wrap metal ring and incredibly reasonably priced for all the work that must go in to them xx


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