Thursday 23 December 2010


The wondrous Erica has gone on holiday so yesterday for my festive hair removal I had a different lady torturing me. I asked for my brows to be waxed and she asked if I'd tried threading which is what she recommends. I've only really seen it being done on ladies in shopping centres - seriously who wants to get anything like that done in a public place - so hadn't tried it and have been perfectly happy with the waxing results and threading looks really painful. The new lady said it wasn't painful and she'd try the threading on me and if it hurt she'd stop and she'd wax the rest. I'm British, of course I wasn't going to say if it hurt. It was excruciating. The results were nice and probably more natural but it was painful and it took longer and I had to hold down my eyelid which smudged my make up. Back to waxing for me. I am being wet? xx

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