Wednesday 8 December 2010

Necessary Treats

When I was in Boots buying some moisturiser for my friend who'd just had a baby I accidentally found myself in the lip balm aisle looking for something to keep in my car for those long cold journey's when you can't rummage around in the bottom of your bag. I'm not a huge fan of tinted lip balms as they are always slightly the wrong colour but I thought I'd try out Blistex Tint and Shine. I LOVE IT. Yes I did mean to shout it's that good. The colour is great, it doesn't dry your lips out which I find a lot of tinted balms do and it is just fabulous in every way. I actually long to go on car journeys just so I can use it. In fact I'm going to get some more to keep at my desk so I can have a little spruce up every now and again at work. It also tastes good which is an added bonus.

1 comment

  1. totally agree!!!
    and i did not even looked for it.
    I found it in my mum's pocket.
    Finally, you realise that the most necessary and useful items are those which you have not seeked, and the cheap ones!


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