Thursday 21 January 2010

Maybelline Solid Foundations

I have to say I've gone a bit foundation crazy in 2010. In fact I've gone a bit Maybelline foundation crazy. I've been using their Dream Satin Liquid for the last six or so months - it was more affordable than the Laura Mercier foundation I'd got for my wedding and I'd heard a lot of good things about their foundations and bases in general. I really liked it - it was the right colour, stayed on and gave a good even coverage. So when I ran out I thought I'd try their Dream Matte Mousse which came highly recommended by Mumma B. However, while I was in the shop choosing the colour I discovered their new Dream Creamy Foundation and couldn't decide whether to get the mousse I've wanted to try for ages of the new creamy foundation.

Using this blog as an excuse I bought both and thought I'd use them on alternate days make an informed decision about which one I preferred and then review them. That was a couple of weeks ago now and I just can't decide which I prefer. What I love about the Dream Matte Mousse is the amazing ease of application - you literally sweep it on and go its so matte that it feels dry (but not drying) like part of your skin and there is no chance of this caking. The Dream Creamy Foundation is more like your typical base but it really is creamy - again so easy to apply and is fantastic for those days your skin is feeling tight of blasted by this cold weather as it doesn't dry your skin out. It is so smooth and gives a fantastic coverage so you don't need to use too much.

So which should you try? I just can't decide. If you like building up your base then I'd say the Dream Creamy Foundation is the one for you as this is more blendable. If you want something that is amazingly easy to apply and gives great overall coverage then go for the atte Mousse. Or if you are like me and can't decide get one of each - they are both under £10 and you'd pay a lot more for designer make up (which is lovely don't get me wrong but who can actually afford to wear it every day!).

The only problem is that now I really want to try the other Maybelline mousses - highlighters, bronzers and blushers. Watch this space xx

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  1. Dream Matte Mousse is my FAVORITE foundation ever!


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