Tuesday 19 January 2010

New Year, New Handcream

I always suffer from dry hands - Mr J tells me this is because I use hand cream but I did only start using handcream because they were in such a state so I'm going to ignore him. My hunt for the perfect cream has been going on for years now and every time I think I've found the one it either fails me or stops being made!

So although I know this will probably mean the end of its life on the shelves my latest favourite is by Boots - it's their Traditional Skin Care Hand Conditioning Cream. It looks great as it comes in a rather old school looking tube and you only need a small amount to make a difference and I think it really has had an effect on my dry mits. The only downside is I'm not a fan of the smell, this is not to say that everyone will hate it but I am really not keen. However, I don't care because it works and doesn't break the bank. Perfect start to the not-so-new-anymore Year xx

1 comment

  1. I'm always buying hand cream and lipstick - two things I'm always sure I can improve on!


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