Monday 22 October 2007

Your Next Bold Move

Last night was finally the night when I dragged a rather willing Mr J off to see Ani Difranco at the Shepherds Bush Empire. I had a filthy cold and was feeling a bit subdued. I had also forgotten how massive the queues are outside the venue. It was all totally worth it. Mr J firmly believing in the healing powers of whisky made me have two for medicinal purposes so by the time Ani's support act Hamel on Trial came on I was feeling revived! I have to say I nearly forget just how good she was live and last night was as good as ever. What I did find strange was that nobody in the standing area was dancing (we were on Level 2 which I was initially annoyed about but it meant that a) i didn't have to stand which I really didn't feel up to for four hours, and b) we didn't have the eternal problem of me not being able to see anything). But I could barely sit in my seat - and I thought it must be a bit weird to be playing to a nearly still room. If you haven't already I really would recommend checking her out (Righteous Babe).

Britney just keeps going with the bizarre behaviour. This time she has got her lips plumped and crashed her car again. I just cannot imagine the decision making process that goes on in her head! She has got some visitation rights back though so fingers crossed she can do that right. Same goes for Amy Winehouse who has been arrested in Norway for drug possession. Refreshingly Lindsey Lohan seems to be doing well out of rehab although I don't want to speak to soon... It's the season finale of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night so no guesses as to where I'll be on Thursday night. Ugly Betty series 2 has started though so there is some consolation.

This week I've been testing out [A'Kin] Rosehip and Shea Intensive Anti-oxidant complex. It smells great but the consistency is a bit strange after application. It is a great cream but I'm not sure it is up to the stiff competition out there. I'm going to give it a bit longer and see how it goes.

I got my roots hightlighted this weekend at Tony & Guy Essensuals. My colourist does a fantastic job but I think next time I'm going to make an attempt to return to my natural hair colour. I keep seeing brunettes and hearing my mother say that she thinks most people look best with their natural hair colour (although she has been telling me to stick to blonde). But I think next time it's got to be done.

I've been in bed all day struggling with this cold. I wish I'd got my act together and had got my hands on Camilla Morton's latest, A Girl for All Seasons. It looks fantastic and perfect for a bedridden Miss B (see Treat of the Week). xx


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